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Understanding Church Growth

Understanding Church Growth is your upclose and personal encounter with some of the veterans of the mega church movement.  Our course is designed for any pastor or leader in ministry.  Learn the secrets of success that some of your friends won't tell you. 

3 Mega Systems Wrapped Up Into One

Over 150 Years of experience, 50 hours of video content, 500 pages of eBook information and over 1 million dollars worth of grants and resource information. 

Successful leaders invest into their own education, some leaders wait for a board or others to approve their educational outlets..which one are you?

Church Growth Conference

Enjoy speakers & panels from our Church Growth Conference held here in Los Angeles, California.

Mentoring Program

The ultimate mentoring program for every pastor and church leader. Experience hours of advice and direction from the mentor you always wanted up close and personal.

Online Training

Unique online training and development system for pastors, administrators and ministry leaders.

eBooks & Audio

Countless hours of downloadable ebooks and audio content for every student.

Church Resources

Loaded with multiple church resources, grants and so much more. 

Vacation Get Away Trips

Every pastor and students gets multiple vacation getaway trips.

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Vocal Chords Dr. Williams Vocal Chords Training

Motivational Moment Lady Isis Motivational Speaker

As Seen On TV Surprise Content & Materials

Tax & Financial Tips Tips from Nora

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"Proverbs 1:5 "A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:" I'm so thrilled to join others who have accepted the invitation extended by my friend and Brother, Dr-Bro Steve Harris and his Church Growth System online. I'm not satisfied with where our local ministry is today and realize I need some other help and wisdom with fulfilling God's vision for our local assembly. I think you too should consider joining this endeavor. Check it out!!!"

Apostle Frazier

"Bishop Blakes' candor about variety of roles each wife in the ministry, based on her calling, personality, and comfort zone is simply powerful. Very down to earth perspective on family... You are effectively transparent here. "Instruction on Vocal Cord and Larynx wellness is powerful." Bishop Blake's and Rev Clay Evans' experiences are for-real on point ! Dr. Schuler is just as transparent !"

Pastor Lanier

"If you are a pastor, church leader or anyone in ministry. There is NO system like this anywhere with this amazing content. Its a no brainer, join NOW and get the mentoring advice you need. The bonus materials are very helpful and I love the grant information as well. "

Cordell Stevens

"I just joined these sessions and as I listen and study along with these great men I feel that every preacher should have this in their studies."

Elder Roy
Associate Elder

DISCLAIMER: Our system will contain an overload of NEVER seen before content, videos, audio and downloadable materials for each student in each module. Our goal is to make sure we OVER-DELIVER our promise for each student.


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