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Stevie Wonder

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3 Mystery Surprise Guest

You will be shocked and surprised at the additional mystery guest we have added in the system. The information they give is priceless.

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Music Industry Conference

Enjoy speakers & panels from our Music Industry Conferences held here in Hollywood, California.

Mentoring Program

The ultimate mentoring program.  Experience hours of advice and direction from the mentor you always wanted up close and personal.

Online Training

Unique online training and development system those seeking a career in the music industry.

eBooks & Audio

Countless hours of downloadable ebooks and audio content for every student.

Industry Resources

Loaded with multiple music industry resources, grants and so much more. 

Vacation Get Away Trips

Every student gets a  vacation getaway trip to Vegas & Hawaii. 

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Vocal Chords Dr. Williams Vocal Chords Training

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Conference Panels Enjoy Panel Discussions

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Inside Hollywood

Gain exclusive information about our additional online class.."Inside Hollywood". Become a producer, writer, director, agent, actress, actor and so much more. The entertainment industry inside out up close and personal.

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"It's a great step that will educate & encourage a lot of people. I know Bro. Steve will do a great job!!"

Stevie Wonder
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